Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Diabetes Waiting Game

Depending on the day,  and what else is going on I often think of all the waiting T1D's deal with and how often it cam be very hard to deal with.

Just a sample of the waiting game:

  • Waiting for A1C results.
  • Waiting for your eyes to dilate at the ophthalmologist; then waiting to see what is going on with your eyes.
  • Waiting for your blood sugar to come down before:  going to sleep; eating; giving more insulin....
  • Waiting for your blood sugar to go up from being low: before going to sleep; driving; exercising; being able to think; eating some more...
  • Waiting to calibrate your continuous glucose monitor.
  • Waiting for the  pre-authorization to be submitted by your doctor for your glucose strips to go through so you can get the kind you want, not the kind your health insurance says they'll cover.
  • Waiting for your insulin pump supplies to arrive in the mail.
  • Waiting to be able to get your next insulin pump.
  • Waiting to get an appointment with your endo when you had to cancel and the next open spot is 4 months away.
  • Waiting to find  out how your private health  insurance is going to be changed and how that will impact what is covered, what isn't and how much more it will cost.
  • Waiting for a cure

What part of the waiting game makes you most anxious?

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