Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Goodbye MTM

I cried when I learned that Mary Tyler Moore passed away today.  
I'm not normally the type to cry with the news of someone famous passing, but this time I did, and I've had a heavy heart all day.  

When you meet, or read about another person with type 1 diabetes you feel an instant kinship.  You know at some point you've dealt with the same low blood sugar, high blood sugar, silly thing people say, issues with health care professionals, and so on, and I felt that connection with Mary Tyler Moore despite having never met her.  I watched her on tv, heard her speak, and read her book  Growing Up Again.

I cried for the battle she fought.
I cried for the others with T1D who lost their fight.
I cried for the loss of life.

And then I pulled myself together and looked into how else I can get involved with the diabetes community and make a difference today, tomorrow, and for the future.

Goodnight MTM.

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