Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I Wasn't Low Last Night - it was the cat

I love my tabby cat, Shelby. But she thinks night time is play time.

Shelby jumps on and off me all night.  She knocks things off the night table, and she also rubs the corner of the night table.  All.  Night.  But I wouldn't have it any other way even though I'm tired most days.

My husband is on juice box duty over night.  Not that I can't get them myself, but I feel better nudging him and asking for one, so he has an awareness that I'm low.

Last night Shelby was extra active in her pursuit of knocking everything over.  At one point I said, a bit too loudly, "Shelby, stop!!"  and within seconds my husband gave me a juice box.  Or rather, placed it on my back.  At some point I realized it was there and put it aside.

This morning he asked if I was ok, after the overnight low (sometimes my blood sugar is higher in the morning after an overnight low), and I said I wasn't low.
C: "Didn't  I give you a juice box?"
Me: "Yes, but I wasn't low. I was yelling at Shelby."
C: "Oh, that is why you didn't immediately take it."
C:  "Maybe "Shelby stop" sounds a lot like "I need a juice box?"

  Did I mentioned this was a WhatsApp chat, which made it even funnier, at least to us.

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